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Analysis of the German Market and Success Factors of 280 Business Models

University of St. Gallen - Institute for Media & Communications Management

Florian Stahl (=mcminstitut, University of St. Gallen)
Fabian Siegel (FIRSTGATE Internet AG)
Wolfgang Maass (=mcminstitut, University of St. Gallen)

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english and german

163 pages, 124 colored figures

This study provides insights into "Paid Content" and "Paid Services" gained through empirical analysis of provider-, client- and revenue data. It is one of the first world-wide studies which predicts online market development, market features and business models for "paid content" and "paid services" not only on the basis of consumer interviews but also on the basis of actual data on revenue. The beginning of this study introduces a newly developed classification system for comparing business models in „Paid Content & Services.“ The empirical analysis includes a market analysis in which market development by means of time series and different market features is presented. In addition dominant business models in 10 market segments are described and the success factors for payment and price differentiation of the 280 examined business models in each of the 10 market segments are explained.

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